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Introducing #POOLSquad

#POOLsquad is a Metro Manila-wide contest where riders can win tons of free Uber rides and credits when they choose to share their ride on uberPOOL. The more shared rides you take, the more kilometers you save, the more cars you get off the road - and the higher chances of winning.

Each trip you take means points for your squad! Top riders from the winning squad win amazing prizes.

Step 1: Choose your squad!

Pick your squad from the list here and enter their promo code on your Uber app. This ensures that every uberPOOL ride you take is properly tracked to your squad.

Choose wisely! The first squad you pick is the one you'll be assigned to for the the duration of the campaign!

Step 2: Share as many rides as you can on uberPOOL

Take as many uberPOOL trips as you can from Monday, August 15th until September 4th. As an extra treat, uberPOOL trips taken on August 15th will cost a flat fare of PHP50!

You can track how many cars each squad has gotten off the road in real time here. We'll also be emailing you weekly updates on which squad is leading, how many trips you've taken, and if you're leading (part of the top 20 riders). Be sure to check out our LED scoreboards around the city, too!

Step 3: Win amazing prizes!

At the end of the contest on September 4, we're giving away these amazing prizes as a thank you for helping decongest Manila:

With #POOLsquad, each rider has the unique opportunity to concretely shape the way Manila moves, each time they tap a button and choose to share their ride on uberPOOL. Pick your squad, win free rides, and get cars off the road. At the end of the day, whichever squad wins, Manila wins.

  • Top Riders refers to riders who have taken the most number of uberPOOL rides over the competition period, August 15 to September 4.
  • Winning Squad top 10 riders refers to rank 1 to 10; top 30 refers to 11 to 30; and top 50 refers to 31 to 50th.
  • Overall top 10 riders refers to those ranked 4th to 10th; top 20 refers to 11th to 20th.

Meet the Squad Captains

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Solving Traffic, Together: Moving More People with Fewer Cars

At Uber, we've always worked to innovate solutions that improve the lives of people in our cities - from providing income opportunities to our partner-drivers to opening up low-cost and reliable transportation options for riders. On top of this, we'sre continuously working to help solve the long-term issues of traffic and road congestion, through the products we offer.

In just 40 days since its launch on June 15th, 2016, uberPOOL has impacted the lives of over 73,000 people in Metro Manila, whose willingness to share their ride has helped reduce 578,000 vehicle kilometers, equivalent to 27,200 litres of fuel and 64,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Uber is also looking to work with the government on more concrete and sustainable solutions for our shared enemy: Traffic Congestion.

In Just 40 Days, uberPOOL has Moved Manila

Open Letter to President Duterte: Traffic Congestion is Our Shared Enemy

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